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Undec-10-enoic acid (Molecule of the Month for April 2017)

Athlete's Foot, Undecylenic acid

Undecylenic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid and forms a colorless oil at room temperature and pressure. Undecylenic acid is mainly used for the production of Nylon-11 and in the treatment of fungal infections of the skin, but it is also a precursor in the manufacture of many pharmaceuticals, personal hygiene products, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Undecylenic acid is prepared from methyl ester of ricinoleic acid which is subjected to the chemical process of cracking to yield both undecylenic acid and heptanal. Ricinoleic acid, which is derived from castor oil.

Undecylenic acid is an active ingredient in medications for skin infections, and to relieve itching, burning, and irritation associated with skin problems. For example, it is used against fungal skin infections, such as athlete's foot, ringworm, tinea cruris.

Formal Chemical Name (IUPAC)
Undec-10-enoic acid



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Picture of Undec-10-enoic acid

C11 H20 O2

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