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Metoprolol (Molecule of the Month for September 2003)

Lopressor and Toprol XL

Metoprolol has two common trade names, Lopressor and Toprol XL ( Metoprolol being the generic name ). This drug is widely used for managing chronic but stable angina i.e. when the hearts demand for oxygen exceeds the supply of oxygen reaching the heart. It has proved successful in reducing mortality due to cardiovascular diseases such as MI.

The drug works essentially by blocking beta-1 receptors using an adrenergic blocker; this has the effect of slowing down the sinus heart rate. It also reduces the force of the heart muscle contraction and thus oxygen demand. This in turn lowers the cardiac output and there is a decrease in the rennin released from the kidney. In Laymansí terms, metoprolol will bring effective relief from chest pain / tightness and high blood pressure and associated effects.

Research in the US has concluded that Metoprolol may be an effective treatment in young children with severe CHF (congestive heart failure) who are under consideration for heart transplantation.

Formal Chemical Name (IUPAC)

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Picture of Metoprolol

C15 H 25 N O3

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