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Chrysarobin (Molecule of the Month for March 2018)

Goa powder, Araroba powder, Bahia powder

Chrysarobin is an extract of Goa powder; a complex mixture of reduction products of chrysophanic acid, emodin, and emodin monomethyl ether; used locally in ringworm, psoriasis, and eczema. from NCIt. Chrysophanol-9-anthrone is a member of anthracenes. It derives from an anthralin.

Araroba powder is a drug occurring in the form of a yellowish-brown powder, varying considerably in tint, which derives an alternative name, Goa powder, from the Portuguese colony of Goa. The tree which yields it is the Andira Araroba of the natural order Leguminosae. It is met with in great abundance in certain forests in the province of Bahia, preferring as a rule low and humid spots. The tree is from 80 to 100 ft. high and has large imparipinnate leaves, the leaflets of which are oblong, about 12 in. long and 1 in. broad, and somewhat truncate at the apex. The flowers are papilionaceous, of a purple color and arranged in panicles. The Goa powder or araroba is contained in the trunk, filling crevices in the heartwood. It is a morbid product in the tree, and yields to hot chloroform 50% of a substance known officially as chrysarobin.

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Picture of Chrysarobin

C15 H12 O3

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