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PPG-14 (Molecule of the Month for March 2007)

UCON™ Fluid AP, Butoxy poly propylene glycol

PPG-14 is a poly ether alchol, and is based on 14 repeating units of ethyl ether and a butyl end group. It is a synthetic compound petroleum product derived from methyl oxirane (propylene oxide). It is sold by Union Carbide as UCON™ Fluid AP.

PPG-14 main use is in the cosmetic industry to provide products the following properties: emolliency and smooth application properties in antiperspirants; depostion agent for skin care products; and solvency and slippery feel.

PPG-14 is used in a wide range of products, ranging from soaps, antiperspirants, deodorants, shampoos, hair- and skin-conditioners, tanning products, Clearasil, lip sticks, skin creams and skin moisturisers, acne treatments, perfumes, facial cleansers, dandruff/scalp treatment, eye liner, and styling gel/lotions. It is an inactive ingredient in all these products, but instead provides the physical properties such as smoothness.

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Picture of PPG-14


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