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Enflurane (Molecule of the Month for June 2007)

Enflurane was commonly used for inhalational anesthesia during the 1970s and 1980s. Developed by Ross Terrell in 1963, it was first used clinically in 1966. Enflurane induces muscle relaxation and reduces pains sensitivity by altering tissue excitability. Induction of and recovery from anesthesia with enflurane are rapid.

Enflurane induces a reduction in nerve junctional conductance by decreasing gap junction channel opening times and increasing gap junction channel closing times.

In addition to controlling pain and making you unconscious, general anesthesia control the body's reaction to stress and relieves fear and anxiety associated with surgery.

Formal Chemical Name (IUPAC)



Picture of Enflurane

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Picture of Enflurane

C3 H2 Cl F5 O

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